mercredi 19 sept. 2018

Survey results: English teachers, professors, ESL instructors in France – highly qualified, multi-employed, underpaid


According to a questionnaire sent to 7500 English teachers, professors and ESL instructors in France, this category of professionals earn little, whether their students are native or non-native English speakers.

 The study, carried out by TESOL France, Linguaid, the Language Network and Cambridge Assessment in July 2014, gathered 866 replies, which revealed that, more often than not, an English teacher is not the main bread-winner of his or her household, although three out of four English teachers have to work for more than one employer. Full-time work – which brings in less than 1750€ net per month – is scarce, as more than two in three English instructors can attest, in universities and engineering schools; respectively 27% and 17% of English teachers have full-time jobs………Lire la suite

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